Tutor’s Foreword

Welcome to JCEconomics.com, where we are committed to delivering top-quality economics tuition for A-level students. Our passion for economics has led us to found this centre, and we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with all of our students.

At the A-level Economics examinations, students are required to possess advanced analytical and evaluative skills in order to handle complex economic situations and issues. This can make economics a challenging subject for many students. We believe that it is not enough to simply memorize economics principles – students must also be able to apply these concepts accurately, evaluate and analyze economic policies, and provide sound arguments supported by real-world examples. These skills take practice to master, and we are here to help.

As the principal tutor at JC Economics, I personally deliver all of our lessons to ensure the highest possible quality. I use personal anecdotes to make the lessons more interesting and to help students see the connections between economics concepts and the real world. Our goal is to help all of our students enjoy economics more while also equipping them with the necessary skills and techniques to excel on their exams.

We offer a range of programs, including weekly lectures, school holiday intensive programs, and a JC1 catch-up program. We also provide access to an extensive database of notes, exam and learning tips, and more. Additionally, we are available for consultation via WhatsApp and email, and we offer free marking of additional essays written by students.

Thank you for considering JCEconomics.com for your economics tuition needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and succeed in your future endeavors.

Warmest regards,

Anthony Fok
Acc (Hons), B. Economics, PGDE (NIE), M.Ed. (Monash), FCollT (London), PhD