If the topic covered during the tuition lesson differs from the topic covered in school, can everyone accommodate me?

As this is a group tuition class, there are usually students from different schools in the same group. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to be learning the same topic at the same time. If you have learnt what Mr Anthony Fok happens to be teaching at the moment, learn it again from a different perspective. You may learn something you didn’t know before. If you haven’t learnt what Mr Anthony Fok is teaching in class, you should pay attention and learn it well so that you will be well prepared when your teachers teach you the same topic in school. The idea is you probably will be taught twice for every topic – once by your school teacher and once by Mr Anthony Fok. You will also probably do a lot more essay questions than your peers and therefore, you should be more competent and confident with the topics.

All students who sign up for classes will be given a full-year’s detailed lesson plan. Students will know in advance what topics will be covered during lessons.

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