JC Economics tuition centre in Singapore by Anthony Fok

The short 2 years dedicated for students to master difficult subjects at the A Level Examinations often requires them to grasp and comprehend complex techniques that take a long time to fully understand. This is particularly true in a new and foreign subject like Economics. The new answering techniques that are more application based as opposed to memorizing and regurgitating content, will often result in students having a slow start in the subject, as they are not used to the stark contrast in difficulty levels from secondary school education. This might lessen their interest to improve and study the subject. However, in due time, students might realize that Economics is one of the most interesting and relevant subjects in Junior College, where constant reading will allow them to gain a pass in school examinations. But it might be too late for them to master and grasp all the techniques to gain a distinction by themselves. Therefore, students should consider joining JC Economics tuition centre in Singapore.

Led by Mr Anthony Fok, he will ensure that all students have no problems in grasping the new concepts needed to excel in JC Economics. His one of a kind teaching style fuelled by years of experience and the desire to help students succeed will attend to each and every student, regardless of their learning pace and speed. The efficiency that he teaches with also ensures that there would be multiple run throughs of the syllabus and its contents before the A Level Economics Examinations, giving students multiple opportunities to clarify their doubts and queries. This luxury is rarely present in schools, due to the tight timeline that teachers have to follow, and the vast number of learning styles that they have to attend too. Additionally, students need not worry about getting sufficient practices in the subject of Economics. In every weekly lesson, Economics Tutor Mr Anthony Fok will provide detailed handwritten notes filled with examination questions along with their respective answers. These solutions are catered to follow and acknowledge the new Economics syllabus. By going through these solutions in class, he provides students with the necessary and sufficient practices to succeed in Economics. Paired with valuable solutions are comprehensive and broken down diagrams such as mind maps, tables and graphs to further help students gain a better understanding of the concepts being taught. The hour and forty five minute lesson will also let students leave with an update of world economies and important examples to incorporate into their Economics essays. Our principal econs tuition teacher Mr Anthony Fok also allows and encourages students to submit essays that they have written to him for marking, another valuable activity that cannot be done in school. Through JC Economics, students will definitely see an improvement in their grades and learning attitudes, not just in the subject of Economics, but in their other subjects as well.

By joining Mr Anthony Fok, the passion and love that he educates with will undoubtedly pique and develop an interest in students to not only excel in Economics, but also continue to study Economics at the University level and maybe pursue an occupation in the field of Economics.

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