Revision Tips for Economics

Revising for economics can be made easy with the right methods. Not sure how to study smart? Here are some simple tips for you:


  1. Time management

Time management is key. Every minute counts so set a revision schedule so that precious time will not be wasted. Prioritise which economic topics to focus on first and how much time to allocate for the topic. Having a well-planned and organised schedule helps to keep yourself in the revision routine and to motivate you to keep track of your revision progress.


  1. Personalised revision notes

Always make your own notes. You can use notes from others but ultimately, your revision notes should be made by you. This is because notes done by you will suit your own learning styles and needs. You can craft your notes in such a way that you can understand easily and know where the points are written. However if you have made your own notes but feel that they are not suitable, change the style of your notes to an appropriate one for you.


  1. Practice

Economics is not just about memorising. It requires the application of economic concepts and critical thinking skills to form mature judgements to support your points. For H2 economics students, essay writing requires practice too. When you practice, you will get the hang of applying the answering skills and using the right economic concepts for your answers. You will become more confident in answering the questions during your A-Level examinations.


  1. Ask

Whenever in doubt, ask. Many students always say: “I don’t know what I don’t know.” If so, read through the materials again thoroughly without distractions and write down any questions about what has been read. With these questions, ask your friends or teachers. If your questions remain unanswered, you could consider enrolling into economics tuition to clarify all your doubts.


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